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Rhowena MacCuish is a professional London Food Photographer in the UK.
Providing food and drink photography for websites, social media, promotional materials, packaging and editorial.

Scrumptious Food Photography is here to help food specialists stand out from the crowd attracting new custom and generating trust with their customers by using professional photography. Professional food photographer Rhowena MacCuish will help you as a food specialist to advertise and enhance your products and or services in a professional manner while assuring your customers that your business will deliver on your promises. Ultimately a photograph should tell a story about your business, fit in with your business style and business ethos. Rhowena MacCuish can deliver mouth watering food photography for you to use on your website, in promotional materials, packaging, books and magazines.

Rhowena MacCuish has worked with clients including ITV, Odeon Cinemas, The Guardian, Sauce Communications and various food producers, independent restaurants, bakers and caterers.


London Food Photographer Rhowena MacCuish has helped independent businesses win commercial contracts. For example Trina’s Delicacies won her first commercial contract with Whole Foods after hiring Rhowena MacCuish to photograph her delicious cakes. She gives testament that the professional food photography help to sell her how great her products were in her pitch.

Rhowena MacCuish has worked with The Guardian filming How to Cook recipe videos for their website and is currently working on a healthy baking YouTube channel. More details soon!


Vanilla cupcakes on a glass cake stand coloured bottles in the background
Food Photography
Food Photography, Creative Ideas, Brand Awareness
You can be confident that Scrumptious Food Photography will deliver a photography service that is reliable and highly organised. Scrumptious Food Photography can help you find creative direction with fresh design ideas, expert lighting, styling and props. Professional food photography delivered by Rhowena MacCuish will help you to achieve greater brand awareness and trust with your customers using photography that really is good enough to eat.
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Video Production
Video Production, Added Value, Engage
Scrumptious Food Photography can help you get the most value from your shoot by working with you to provide not just delicious mouthwatering photography that tells a great story captured in a single moment, but can also provide engaging video content that will keep your customers on your website for longer and get them talking about you. Make it easy for them to learn more about you in just a few attention grabbing minutes and then to share it with all their friends.
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Image Retouching
Image Processing, Retouching, Formatting
Scrumptious Food Photography provides image retouching and digital processing services as standard. All photography is shot in a RAW digital format for optimum quality and is digitally processed into workable formats such as TIFF and JPEG ready for print and digital use. So that your image is as perfect as possible. Some additional work in post-production is usually required including colour vibrancy, cutout, retouching of imperfections or removal of supports etc.